The Belacan Club

It has been some years now since I have set foot on German soil. It was a long way from my home country, Malaysia, to here. I have enrolled at several language schools in Ruhrgebiet to learn German language intensively.My times at those schools have been fruitful and unforgetable.The only thing that fall short was that none of my fellow students then was Malaysian. I went through a 6 months language course at the Ruhr-University Bochum; very interesting indeed to find out that they are many students from China and Indonesia. The needs to familiarize oneself with the environment, culture, languages have motivated me to embark on setting up a Club in order to educate and empower those who are aspired to pursue a whole new way of life in Germany.

We are opened to
– those who are or are about to married to Germans/Europeans 
– students 
– singles or Asian couples on duty here 
– European with Asian spouse 
– Asian with European spouse 
– YOU, someone who is interested in getting to know our cultures, countries, foods and people. 
While keeping us in close contacts with one another, this is a chance for us to show and for others to learn a bit about the Southeast Asia Cultures.